Vipi Das

Sri Vipi Das is a born dancer, gifted with innate talent and tremendous stage presence, displaying beauty, strength, and relevance of traditional Bharatanatyam. He has completed master’s Degree in dance from MG University, Kerala with second rank at the University level. He also won the prestigious “Kalapratibha” award from M G University. He underwent rigorous training in Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi and Mohiniattam from RLV College of Arts, Tripunithara during his graduation and post-graduation phase and is currently pursuing his further training under Guru. RLV Pradeep, Kottayam.

His unique dance style is a sincere result of his undying passion, self-motivation and dedication towards Bharatanatyam. His refreshing approach to Bharatanatyam has won him many accolades and praise from dance lovers all around. 

He is the founder and artistic director of Natyalaya Dance School, with base as Palakkad, Kerala. He has over 150 students from various parts of the state as well as from other cities like Bangalore and Chennai.

As a teacher, Vipi devotes time and energy into developing a new generation of dancers who are dedicated to Bharatanatyam. He has nurtured, trained and developed young children into elegant dancers and provided them with opportunities to perform at various venues.

Glimpses from Vipi Das’s performance in Tharang Utsav (Photo courtesy Shri Vivek)

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