Praveen Kumar

Hailing from a family of artists, it is natural that Praveen Kumar showed an inclination towards Arts and Dance in particular, at a very young age. However, after coming under the tutelage of the eminent guru of Bangalore (Late) Smt. Narmada, Praveen Kumar realized the aesthetic depths of Bharathanatyam and decided to dedicate himself whole heartedly and purposefully to this ancient dance form.

A strong adherent to the traditional values of Bharathanatyam, he is now training under the celebrated Guru Prof.C.V.Chandrasekhar. Praveen is an accomplished Nattuvanar and Choreographer, & has skillfully created many dances, which have all been critically acclaimed.

He has travelled extensively around the globe and in India, taking part in prestigious dance and music festivals and runs the Chithkala School of Dance at Bangalore

Praveen Kumar is an empanelled artist of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations (ICCR) and a ‘A’ grade artist on television and believes that dance is the ultimate medium of creativity expression !

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