Shankar Kandaswamy

About Artist

Shankar Kandaswamy spent his early years refining his talents as dancer and choreographer at Temple of Fine Arts (TFA). In 2007, he performed his much anticpated solo debut in Chennai in the presence of masters such as Padma Shri Adayar K.Lakshmanan, Prof. C.V.Chandrashekar, Shanta Dhanunjayan and other aficiaonados. Equipped with a sound working knowledge of Sanskrit and Tamil, Carnatic music he is often invited as a composer for dance and dancers. As the head of Bharatanatyam faculty at TFA he is one of the key choreagraphers for TFA’a major dance drama productions. He has also created full length features on South India’s scriptural text, Thevaram, explorations of the epic Ramayana and Ashtanayika, the eight forms of heroine in classical dance amongst other works.

His recent work on Hanuman entitled Anjaneyam, is also well received and appreciated among art lovers of Chennai and Bangalore. Shankar serves as a lecturer in the degree program of ASWARA (Academi Seni Budaya Dan Warisan) and was invited to choreograph ‘Panchali Sapatham’ for the company dancers in 2013. He graduated from Bharatidasan University, Trichy with a Masters in Fine Arts in 2007 and is currently pursuing a PhD in Bharatanatyam at the University of Tanjavur. In 2012 he was recepient of Aryabhatta award of excellence from Aryabhatta cultural organization in Bangalore.

Photographs from Performance

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