Sanjali Ensemble

About Artist

The Sanjali Dance Ensemble, which is the performing unit of Sanjali Centre for Odissi Dance specializes in thematic dance presentations, which display the lyrical and graceful quality of this dance form.This group is committed to promote Odissi dance all over the world by perform-ing various choreographic productions and also by teaching and conducting lec-ture demonstrations and workshops on Odissi, under the guidance of the founder/director – Sharmila Mukerjee.

Sharmila Mukerjee is a senior disciple of late Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra. She has been learning, teaching and performing for more than 20 years.She has participated in many productions , directed and choreographed by her guru and has also taken lessons in Abhinaya from Smt Kalanidhi Nara-yan .A Grade A artist of Doordarshan and an established artist of Indian Council for Cultural Rela-tions, she has performed in many countries abroad and has performed at various prestigious festivals all over the country.

Photographs from Performance


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