What brings people together? Most importantly a common goal. ‘Aadya’ formed by Hemalatha Prakash, Snehasri Srinivas and Sheela Chandrasekhar is an attempt to bring about a synergy in the performing art of Bharatanatyam. When one has devoted a large part of one’s life for a performing art, it naturally becomes an ethos in a very fundamental way and this is what all the three members of ‘Aadya’ share as a common feature.

While Sneha brings to her performance a refreshing exuberance, Hema adds the gentle grace while Sheela fills it with calm artistic self assurance – all of them living up to the highest standards of classical excellence. Laya and Abhinaya both flow from each one of them to complement one another raising the rendering to a different level. ‘Aadya’ strongly believes that any art form can be kept alive only through dedication, continued hard work and wishes to strive to reach out to dance lovers.

Aadya’s aim is to preserve and propagate the essence of this ancient art form. Each of their productions is a product of deep thought with equal emphasis on all the aesthetic and technical aspects of dance. Aadya aims to touch the hearts of the common viewer and the aesthetic sense of the discerning connoisseur

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