Sunitha Shrikant

About Artist

Mrs. Sunitaa Shrikant primarily works as a child counselor, and a parenting educator. Her vision and mission in life, is to contribute to the well-being of children and their families. She has a Masters in Plant Sciences and has ob-tained a Gold Medal in the subject and is currently pursuing her Masters in Child Psychology. She is an ardent classical music lover and has been trained in both Carnatic and Hindu-stani classical vocal music, for several years the latter being under the tutelage of the renowned Smt. Rina Basu, under whose able guidance she has completed her Visharad from the Bangiya Parishad. Her undying passion for music, along with her work, as an educational consultant, Child Counsellor, Parenting Educator and Life Skills Facilitator, have enhanced the mammoth task that she has undertaken, that of spreading awareness about the benefits of Hindustani classical music to children, in areas of Memory skills, numerical ability, and emotional.

Photographs from Performanc

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